3Q x CDN Alliance – Partner up!

3Q joins the CDN Alliance

"Last year, we established the CDN Alliance as an independent non-profit organization with no members to ensure its 100% independence. Now we have built the foundation for an organization with industry members. This gives us the confidence and resources to launch our mission. We look forward to what lies ahead and are very grateful for the trust and support from all of our founding members,"

Mark de Jong, Chairman CDN Alliance

The CDN Alliance has set itself the goal of networking the global CDN industry and the CDN community. CDN stands for „Content Delivery Network“, i.e. a network of servers and locations to ensure stable connections at all times. Since September of last year, the company has been looking for additional founding members who would like to support this mission. After initial discussions, 3Q has decided to support the mission of the CDN Alliance with immediate effect and thus from the very beginning.

More than just a sponsor – 3Q x CDN Alliance

Along with DataHop, Axello, Nanocosmos, BENOCS, CompiraLabs, Ceeblue und NPAW, 3Q is one of the first industry members of the CDN Alliance.

[ About the CDN Alliance Founding Members ]

We have made it our mission to provide resources to the CDN Alliance so that they can continue to grow their organization and also raise awareness of the mission with initial activities," said Julius Thomas, CEO and co-founder of 3Q. In addition, the CDN Alliance aims to initiate working groups and expand networking within the industry.

Julius Thomas, 3Q CEO and founder

As a founding & supporting member of the CDN Alliance, we are pleased that the plan to create an independent organization is gaining momentum.
The goal: To create a community that not only provides a platform to discuss & shape the global content delivery network industry, but also introduces uniform industry standards & regulations.

What happened so far? What will the future bring?

In recent months, the CDN Alliance has greatly expanded its organization and initiated measures to ensure that the planned projects can be launched and supported in the long term. To this end, industry crew members have been acquired, teams formed and an advisory board was established. In addition, the CDN Alliance would like to initiate working groups and expand networking within the industry.

Other activities that will be launched in the coming months are aimed at the members of the CDN Alliance as well as the global CDN industry and CDN community.

Would you like to learn more, become a CDN Alliance partner or need a good and secure solution for your content?

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