An Intelligent and Innovative Video Player for all Devices

Reach more viewers with a fast and high-performance Video Player

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An HTML5 player for all devices

Stream live and on-demand with our 3q.js player engine.
Content reliable on all platforms.

HTML5 video with JavaScript API
Easy integration via plugin or JS
Alternative audio and captions
Google's IMA ad integration & VAST4
Cast and Airplay support
Adaptable and responsive

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HTML5 Engine

Put your content on any device with our own engine.

AMP Video

Integrate your content in Google’s AMP without any problems.

VR & 360°

Provide your VR & 360° videos on all devices.

Video Ads

Finance your content by using video advertising.

Universal DRM

With our Universal DRM, licensing is child’s play.

JavaScript API

Control all player functions using our api and retrieve important data.

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