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Webcasts – an Alternative for Organisers and for Business Communication during the Corona Virus Epidemic

3Q, 24.03.2020

The impact of the Corona epidemic is already impacting on companies as well as our every-day lives. How the situation will develop is at present difficult to judge. The risk...

3Q Takes Over

Markus Böhme, 24.03.2020

3Q GmbH has taken over the business operations of GmbH with effect from 01.02.2020 and integrated the company, while continuing to employ a predominant part of i...

New Wordpress Plugin "3Q Video Connect" Available

Pan Ludewig, 25.03.2019

The Wordpress plugin "3Q-Video-Connect" offers you the possibility to integrate your videos or livestreams quickly and easily into your existing Wordpress page. ...

P2P Live Video Streaming is easy on the CDN and saves money

Jens Fischler, 29.10.2018

P2P Live Video Streaming is easy on the CDN and saves money

P2P Live Video Streaming ensures the best viewer experience. Streaming providers can now deliver their content through a dynamically growing and distributed transmission network....

Why YouTube is too often the first choice but really should only play a role in acquisition

Jens Fischler, 29.10.2018

Why YouTube is too often the first choice but really should only play a role in acquisition

YouTube is omnipresent as a video platform. Unfortunately, luckily, whatever you think about it. Facebook is not so enthusiastic, as the video advertising market is worth billions of dollars and...

Review: Customer Event on September 27th

Jens Fischler, 29.10.2018

Last month, we invited customers to Berlin to introduce new features on our online video platform and to give a future outlook. We’ve had a product and feedbac...

More Speed with Kubernetes

Markus Böhme, 20.03.2018

Now you can get even more speed! In February 2018 we switched our Encoding/Transcoding Engine to the kubernetes technology. This means you neither have to wat until the start of encoding, nor are ...

Video Info Points available

Markus Böhme, 12.08.2017

From now on it is possible to implement Info Points anywhere you want using our video editor. Also you can give those markers a short text or a link. In the next version it will be possible for you to...

Import Multitrack Videos with audio tracks, chapters and subtitles.

Markus Böhme, 25.07.2017

Now it is possible to upload multitrack videos to your platform 3Q SDN. Our System automatically identifies existing audio tracks, chapter marks and subtitles.   Multitrack Video File Example:...

We welcome Markus Böhme and Can Elbasi

Rebecca Thomas, 07.06.2017

We are happy to welcome Markus Böhme to 3Q. He has been with us since 1st March and occupies the new position "Junior Marketing Manager", which supports our CMO. With him 3Q’s corporate com...

NAB Show 2017 - We've been there!

Markus Böhme, 07.06.2017

      The NAB Show, which is the world’s largest annual convention encompassing the convergence of media, entertainment and technology, takes place once a year. This year...

Video component amp-3q-player available

Markus Böhme, 01.06.2017

With the release of our player component “amp-3q-player” now you can integrate your videos in websites using amp in a simple way. For this we have submitted the code developed by us in AMP...

The new and free REST API from 3Q

Markus Böhme, 29.05.2017

Our updated REST API is now available – for free! It has been usable for several weeks now. In your account, you can generate your own authentication key at “account” -> “a...

Berlin Here We come!

Markus Böhme, 29.05.2017

  To deal with the continuous expansion, we have now decided after more than six years to move our Potsdam branch to the capital of Germany. From 01.07 you can find our office on Kurf&uum...

Stay up to date with our status site

Markus Böhme, 08.05.2017

Since April 10th it has been possible to subscribe for our status site. There you can find all information about the status of our platform as well as news about forthcoming updates. The following an...

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