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Markus Böhme

3Q Takes Over

Screenshot 3Q Interface Neuen Endpoint anlegen

3Q GmbH has taken over the business operations of GmbH with effect from 01.02.2020 and integrated the company, while continuing to employ a predominant part of its workforce, into its newly founded subsidiary 3Q nexx GmbH.

Screenshot 3Q Interface Neuen Endpoint anlegen
Screenshot 3Q Interface Neuen Endpoint anlegen was founded in 2011 and offers an intelligent, fully comprehensive cloud-based online video platform (OVP) for content management, video distribution analytics and multi-screen front-end distribution.

With, 3Q has taken over a long-standing customer and partner. Before the transaction was completed, both companies had worked together in different constellations. An example of this cooperation is where from 2011, regularly worked on special customer projects using the 3Q streaming platform.

“For, the takeover by 3Q is an important milestone. It represents a consistent step for our customers, employees and technologies in a strong, successful future.”
Dennis Beste, founder of GmbH

The takeover of and its customer portfolio has increased 3Q’s market reach. Furthermore, the acquisition of technology offers an optimal addition to the existing product portfolio.

“We are delighted that from 1 February 2020, we will be able to consolidate and expand the platform of and its core personnel”, says Julius Thomas, CEO of 3Q GmbH.

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