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Markus Böhme

More Speed with Kubernetes

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Now you can get even more speed! In February 2018 we switched our Encoding/Transcoding Engine to the kubernetes technology. This means you neither have to wat until the start of encoding, nor are there any limits for parallel encoding. The best thing is: Everything else is also faster – even at higher quality levels.

You want it even faster?

Activate “premium” encoding in the encoding settings of your VoD project. Once this option is activated, you will have access to exclusive resources for processing your data.

In addition to this, our developers are working on a GPU based encoding solution. This will lead to even more speed in the future.

What is kubernetes?

Kubernetes is a new technology for handling processes in certain networks. It started as Google’s internal open source project and is now becoming a new enterprise standard – with support from large companies. For detailed information visit

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