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Jens Fischler

P2P Live Video Streaming is easy on the CDN and saves money

schematic figure of P2P Live Video Streaming

P2P Live Video Streaming ensures the best viewer experience. Streaming providers can now deliver their content through a dynamically growing and distributed transmission network.

It distributes video content between all simultaneously connected (synced?) devices, protecting the network infrastructure and reliably transmitting the video stream.

In recent years, more and more over-the-top content (OTT) have been streamed. The offer beyond Amazon Video and Netflix is growing steadily, be it sports, series or feature films. In particular, the demand for live broadcasts is causing some headaches for broadcasters and network providers.

3Q and Strive are forming a partnership to solve the problem of scaling live streams with a completely new kind of networking technology. For example, this solution could also be used in very restrictive IT networks (demilitarized zones) or limited downstream corporate networks.

Working with Strive Technologies enables 3Q to offer all customers a dynamically growing and distributed transmission network between all connected viewers. Since each device streams the same live content at the same time, the data is shared (P2P), which significantly increases network reliability. Both technologies have a perfect fit!

In order for OTT Broadcasting to be as robust as any high-quality TV offering, it requires intelligent and scalable technology. 3Q and Strive have been providing reliable services and high quality solutions "Made in Germany" for many years.

Strive is one of the few suppliers of this technology worldwide. With WebRTC, it is now possible to reduce the costs for live video streaming enormously and at the same time to ensure better quality. Strive's technology creates a dynamic video delivery network between connected devices, optimally complementing 3Q's online video platform.

Demo Simulate Viewer

Neighbour Count


P2P Traffic


CDN Traffic


The usage of P2P is easy. Activate it in the player configuration with the parameter "strive_token" and the token provided by Flink.

var  VideoPlayer =  new js3q({
        'data-id': 'c8dbe7f4-7f7f-11e6-a407-0cc47a188158',
        'container': 'player1',
        'strive_token': '..'

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