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Markus Böhme

The new and free REST API from 3Q

Our updated REST API is now available – for free!

It has been usable for several weeks now. In your account, you can generate your own authentication key at “account” -> “access data”.


Call API with curl

curl -X "GET" -H "Accept:\ application/json" 
-H "Content-type:\ application/json" /api/v2/channels



      "Id": 3173,
      "ChannelStatus": [
          "IsOnline": false
      "Project": {
        "Id": 6003,
        "StreamType": {
          "Id": 2,
          "Label": "Video Live"
        "Label": "Website Demo",
        "CreatedAt": "2017-05-11T23:52:05+02:00",
        "LastUpdatedAt": "2017-05-11T23:52:16+02:00",
        "Expires": false,
        "ExpiresAt": "2017-05-11T23:52:05+02:00"
      "CreatedAt": "2017-05-11T23:52:29+02:00",
      "LastUpdatedAt": "2017-05-11T23:55:02+02:00"

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