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Markus Böhme

Video component amp-3q-player available

With the release of our player component “amp-3q-player” now you can integrate your videos in websites using amp in a simple way. For this we have submitted the code developed by us in AMP’s official Github-Repository.


AMP-HTML by Google is a means of greatly accelerating mobile websites. By adapting our player to the AMP specifications, it is no problem for you to integrate your moving image content into all websites created with AMP.


The integration has been done in such a way that the video interface provided can be made full use of. For example, the video is paused when you leave the display area or start a second video. It is continued when the video appears on the display area again.


You can test the integration:

// Integration im <head>-Teil

<script async custom-element="amp-3q" 

// Player Integration an der gewünschten Stelle

layout="responsive" width="480" height="270">


Find the integration and a detailed description here:

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