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Webcasts – an Alternative for Organisers and for Business Communication during the Corona Virus Epidemic

The impact of the Corona epidemic is already impacting on companies as well as our every-day lives. How the situation will develop is at present difficult to judge.

The risk of an infection during a concert, conference or company meeting is, in the meantime, forcing organisers and companies to accept the economic disadvantages and cancel the event. Professionally produced virtual events which can be broadcast by video livestream to a large number of participants to almost any place in the world, offer a sensible alternative to reduce the economic fallout.

Webcast Vorschau

To ensure that access to “digital events” runs smoothly and is financially calculable, we have developed a flexible and high-performance package together with the production company Institut fuer Bildbewegung GmbH & Co. KG, and LaterPay GmbH as a provider of payment solutions.

Our service includes the suitable live-production for the type of event, the appropriate streaming solution for the broadcast, as well as the necessary payment features.

Webcast Vorschau

Since support, from planning to follow-up, is offered by renowned service providers, the customer can concentrate on questions concerning the content and concept of their event. Our previous co-operation has already led to numerous attractive reference projects, ranging from the production and broadcasting of classical and pop concerts, technical conferences with eight parallel panels to international broadcasts with links to external speakers and the recording of contributions from all over the world.

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