The powerful platform for streaming.

All the tools you need for streaming combined into one platform
Billing by actual consumption or get a custom offer
Easy asset management with our GUI and REST API

Streaming effizient gestalten.

You want to distribute audiovisual content worldwide via your platform, in apps or via third-party platforms? We provide you with the technology and features to do it!

Content Protection
Content Protection
Protect your content from unauthorised access.
Flexible pricing model
Flexible pricing model
We scale with your business
Secure & GDPR compliant
Secure & GDPR compliant
Our solutions and infrastructure adhere to the legal requirements of the GDPR.
Flexibly manage your assets with our API.
Reliable delivery worldwide
Reliable delivery worldwide
With our multi-CDN solution, your assets can be viewed worldwide.
Streaming at scale
Streaming at scale
Make your content available on a large scale.

One platform.
Endless possibilities.

Powerful REST API

Our API offers developers the power to integrate our platform into your existing workflows.

Upload, edit or distribute videos automatically and manage your media assets how you like.

Automated upload, editing & distribution

Easily manage livestreams & on-demand assets

We offer an intuitive solution to distribute your video content live and on-demand on all platforms. With our media asset management, you define individual user roles, prepare your content for publication and manage distribution on your portals and partner sites.

Automatic processing

We automatically process your content into different codecs, resolutions and formats so that it can be played on any device and platform.

The streams can then be played back with our video player or with the streaming protocols HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) and Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH).

Manage your podcasts & generate text-to-speech

As well as managing videos, our platform is also capable of processing audio files or generating spoken word from text files.


Worldwide delivery

With our high-performance and scalable infrastructure, we guarantee fast, secure and reliable delivery of your video content.

To ensure the strongest possible world wide delivery, we also offer options to deliver via the industry leading CDNs such as Akamai, Google, Verizon Media or ChinaCache.

One video player for every platform

To display your content on all kinds of devices, we have developed our own video engine with HTML5 technology.

This ensures your video content will play back optimally on smartphones, tablets, desktops, Chromecast or Fire TV.

Analyze how your content is viewed

Analyze the distribution and usage of your videos. By accurately measuring usage, you can analyze exactly how successful your offering is.

We help you identify trends and evaluate your videos by performance.

Generate reach with third-party platforms

Push your livestreams permanently or selectively to third-party CDNs or social media portals such as Facebook Live or YouTube to generate additional reach.

Manage your streams centrally via a single platform and distribute them to 3Q’s online video platform – anywhere, anytime and on any device.