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For small events

Basic Analytics
Bronze Support
Starter kit for small events


More data volume for your events

3rd Party Publishing
More Data
Advanced Analytics


For big events

Packed with modules
Multi CDN Delivery
Silber Support
Perfect for bigger events
Running Time11 Monat11 Monat11 Monat1
User Accounts21020
Data transfer10 GB5.000 GB20.000 GB
Storage Space10 GB50 GB100 GB
Encoding240 Min.1.200 Min.2.400 Min.
Live Transcoding240 Min.1.200 Min.2.400 Min.
Artificial Intelligence (KI, AI) 310 Min.60 Min.100 Min.
Includeds SupportpakageBronzeBronzeSilver

If you use more in the current month, the additional services such as data transfer, storage space, encoding and live transcoding will be charged according to consumption.

Included Modules
Media Asset Managment
Roles & Rights Administration
Analytics (Basic)
Analytics (Advanced)- 4
Video Advertising (AdManager)- 4- 4- 4
Live-to-VoD Recorder- 4- 4- 4
3rd Party Publishing (Restream)- 4
IP/Geo-Blocking- 4- 4- 4
Webcasting- 4
Media Sharing (MRSS)- 4- 4- 4
Quizzing- 4- 4- 4
Multi CDN- 4- 4
Notifications- 4- 4- 4
Android SDK
Security & Performance
Content Protection
(Token, URL Signing, DRM & AES)
European Data Center
ISO 27001 certified
Content Delivery Network Multi CDN
E-CDN & China-CDN- 4- 4- 4
Billing for exceeding Volume *5
Userpc2,50 € mtlhy.
Projectspc.50,00 € mtlhy.
Encoding1 Minute0,04 €
Live Transcoding1 Minute0,04 €
Data Transfer1 GB0,10 €
Storage Space1 GB0,35 €
Artificial Intelligence (KI, AI) 31 Minute0,10 €
Volume Pricing

In case of high data consumption, we will be happy to create an individual offer for you.
If you have any questions, please contact our support.

Module Prices 6
Notificationsmonthly12,00 €
Live-to-VoD Recordermonthly50,00 €
Media Share / MRSS-Feedmonthly100,00 €
Analytics (Advanced)monthly199,00 €
Playlistsmonthly100,00 €
Video Advertisingmonthly100,00 €
IP/Geo-Blockingmonthly100,00 €
3rd Party Publishingmonthly350,00 €
Webcastingmonthly500,00 €
Multi CDNmonthly350,00 €
Quizzingmonthly150,00 €

The minimum term of a module is one month and is automatically extended by one month at a time if it is not deactivated within the billing period.

Included Services
Livestream Monitoring1 h120,00 €
Remote Support (Mon-Fri (9 a.m. – 5 p.m.)1 h120,00 €
Remote support (outside business hours)1 h150,00 €
Development services1 h150,00 €

* VAT not included in prices
1 Minimum term; after expiration automatic renewal for one month if the contract is not cancelled; can be cancelled monthly.
2VContract ends automatically after the expiration of the specified term.
3 e.g. text-to-speech, subtitle generation, translation transcription
4 Bookable at any time
5 If the inclusive volume is exceeded during the billing period (monthly)
6 The modules can be cancelled individually on a monthly basis

The general terms and conditions of 3Q GmbH apply here.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
Contract Term
The minimum contract term for the Start and Kombi packages is three months and is automatically extended by one month at a time if it is not deactivated within the billing period. With the Plus Package, the conditions are regulated in the contract.
Are there any advantages to switching to another package?
Depending on the volume consumed, it may be advantageous to switch to another package, the specifications of which can be found in the price list.
Is it possible to switch to another package?
There is always the possibility to upgrade the package, add modules or switch to another one that suits the consumer behavior and needs.
Which methods of payment can be used?
SEPA direct debit or credit card. For Plus, bank transfer is accepted.
How is the billing done?
The amount for the booked package will be debited from your credit card or SEPA direct debit on the day of the order. Variable (consumption-dependent) costs are billed according to actual usage in the following month.
Will the existing contract be affected by the new pricing packages?
The contract remains as agreed. There is always the possibility to upgrade the package or to change to another one.