Flexible CMS

Flexible CMS

Customers can use our solution for media libraries, festivals or conferences, as it was not developed exclusively for Seriencamp. Due to the many customization options of our template approach, it is not noticeable in the frontend - i.e. from the visitors' point of view - that the same solution is used here. The CMS can then be enriched by any of our customers with content such as sound, images, video, livestreams, surveys, forms and much more."

Julius Thomas, CEO

CMS for flexible use

We made it! Page 11 in the 01/22 issue of Blachreport!
The article is about our flexible CMS.

Festival Streaming per Content Management System

The “Seriencamp Festival” has started as an event at the HFF Munich and focuses on the presentation of new episodes of national and international productions. First held in 2015, the organizing agency Seriencamp UG had counted an average of more than 6,000 visitors over three days before the pandemic.

Since 2020, the digital streaming platform “Seriencamp Watchroom” has supplemented the festival set-up. Numerous series from around the world are hosted there, which can be streamed throughout Germany for three weeks. The first virtual edition was successful with more than 30,000 viewers and was continued this year.

Technology partner for the digital event has been 3Q again this year. “We chose 3Q as our provider again this year because we were particularly impressed by the smooth process in the course of last year’s joint implementation. At the same time, the platform convinced us not only with the look, but also in terms of streaming quality,” says Seriencamp.

The nexxOmnia content management system (CMS) was used to manage the entire content, the users and the design of the front end. nexxOmnia is a template-based all-in-one solution from 3Q and, above all, enables simple interaction: “Seriencamp simply uploaded the content to the CMS and provided it with the appropriate metadata, settings and adjustments. With the system, all content can then be centrally managed and adapted across all platforms,” explains 3Q co-founder Julius Thomas.

Flexible and customizable

The playout of the content on all common devices was ensured with the 3Q Player, a tool integrated in nexxOmnia. The frontend and all associated components, such as the support form and registration, were created using 3Q’s template-based media library and frontend solution. This solution is also configured and populated with content via the CMS.

Flexible application potentials are already provided by the system, for example, technical limits do not exist when processing the number of participants of an event. “In general, our solutions can be used with any number of participants. This is possible because 3Q operates its own CDN, which is a network of servers for content. So each solution can be scaled up at will if, for example, attendance increases.”

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