One player. Any device.

A viewers delight. Our dynamic and powerful HTML5 player.

One of a kind video engine

We have developed our very own engine based on HTML5 and CSS in order for you to get the highest quality for your content.

3Q stands for the superior depiction of your content be it smartphone, tablet, desktop, PC, Chromecast or Fire TV. 

Video Advertising
Multiple audiotracks
Custom Skinning

Video engine for your content

Customize and personalize your player

With our player framework you can create your own player and design it according to your CI. 

Interact with your users

Easily place “call-to-actions” anywhere in the video either using our video editor, or the player API.

You can display a login window, checkout or registration directly in the player.

For live streams you can use the chat and live polls.

Profit from video advertising

With video advertising, you can connect VAST, VPAID-enabled ad servers, or Google DFP (Google Ads) to the player. Ads can be requested and played back at defined times and according to the waterfall principle. 

We’ll deliver your content into your living room

Our engine will automatically detect Cast-enabled devices ready to connect. Newer TVs can be addressed directly via standardized interfaces.

View your content on on TV and in 4k (UHD) with one simple click on the cast-icon. 

Streaming simplified.