Cloud Transcoding

To provide your live streams to any end device, the signal will be transcoded into several quality levels.

Livestream Demo

We transcode your live streams in all preferred target formats. Settings can be adjusted via our interface.

NameVideo profileVideo bitrate (kbps)Video FPSAudio bitrate (kbps)Audio samplerateAudio channels
MP4 2160phigh1000029.97152480002
MP4 1440phigh600029.97152480002
MP4 1080phigh400029.97152480002
MP4 720phigh350029.97128480002
MP4 576pmain250029.97128480002
MP4 480pmain120029.97128480002
MP4 360pmain70029.97128480002
MP4 240pbaseline32729.97128480002
MP4 144pbaseline10029.97128480002

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