Scalable live streaming for every use case

Livestreaming for every device and platform. Quick and easy set up and always ready to use.

The most reliable livestream solution on the market.

Flexible signal ingest
Flexible signal ingest
We support industry standard streaming protocols such as SRT and RTMP.
A player for every device
A player for every device
View your livestream with our fully customizable player.
Cloud Transcoding
Cloud Transcoding
We transcode livestreams into the most important formats and codecs.
GDPR compliant
GDPR compliant
Our solution is secure and GDPR compliant.
Setup in minutes
HTML5 Videoplayer
3rd Party Publishing
Global CDN
Premium Support

Flexible signal ingest

For maximum reliability, we support the redundant delivery of your signal. This means you can send us a primary and a backup stream to two different ingest locations simultaneously.

For signal transmission you can use popular software such as software encoders Wirecast, vMix or OBS as well as hardware encoders from companies such as from Teradek, Haivision or Elemental.

RTMP and SRT Ingest
H.264/H.265, VP9 Decoding
Multi-track audio streaming

Impress your audience with high quality.

Live transcoding to any format

With our Transcoding Cloud we convert your ingested signals into multiple codecs, formats and resolutions to allow adaptive multi-bitrate streaming. This makes your live content available on any device and platform.


One player for every device

In order to show your content at its best on a wide variety of devices, we’ve created our own player engine based on HTML5 technology.

By using media source extensions, our player supports the modern HLS and MPEG-DASH streaming standards to enable optimum delivery of your livestreams.

HTML5 & MSE Technology
Adaptive Streaming with HLS and DASH

Publish to 3rd party platforms

Push your streams to the CDNs used by your media partners or to social media portals such as Twitch, Facebook Live or YouTube and generate additional reach.

With our online video platform, you can centrally manage your live streams and distribute them conveniently to anyone.

Streaming Simplified.