Digital media’s all-in-one solution at your fingertips

With nexxOMNIA content management, video distribution, analytics and the nexxNEON fronted solution for media libraries, Nexx for Publishers is the optimally coordinated video platform.


Our innovative, cloud-based CMS for managing multimedia content on your platforms of choice. 

Control and monitor all aspects of your video workflow:

Upload/Transcode Video and Audio
Comprehensive video CMS
Add metadata, text and images 
Digital Rights Management
Community Management


Experience the perfect synergy between the nexxPLAY video player, nexxOMNIA and nexxNEON! Web SDK, Android SDK & iOS SDK are available for integration into websites or apps. 

Our player supports all aspects of modern streaming: 

multiple languages
Social Media Feature
Adaptive Streaming
Advertising and payment interfaces (VAST 4.0, VMAP and VPAID)


Create your very own media library. 

nexxNEON offers you: 

Organization of media by different characteristics
user-friendly search functions
compilation of playlists
detailed view of content to be played

AVOD/SVOD or pay-per-view (e.g.) models can be used to turn your content into profit. 

Designed for publishers