Premium content via 3Q solution: Playboy uses 3Q nexx

Premium content via 3Q solution: Playboy uses 3Q nexx

The cooperation with 3Q nexx always proved to be uncomplicated and goal-oriented. We were already very satisfied with the cooperation regarding the video content on The competent and customer-oriented support and consulting during the relaunch process of the PlayboyPremium subscription platform not only ensured a problem-free migration of the videos to the 3Q nexx CMS. In addition, we were informed about features for data enrichment of our media library, in the implementation of which nexxOmnia naturally supported us with the usual quality.

Yannic Riegger, Senior Product Manager Digital

Premium content via 3Q solution: Playboy uses 3Q nexx

The magazine founded by Hugh Hefner is an existing customer of 3Q. The long-standing collaboration was recently followed by a major update in the cooperation. Since 2021, Playboy has also been offering Playboy Premium content to subscribers via 3Q’s nexx platform.

Playboys expectations to the system

For the broadcast of PlayboyPremium content, Playboy needed a new reliable partner with a lot of know-how in the area of content management systems (CMS). Previously, various providers had been used, but Playboy wanted a single solution for different areas of streaming. It was also particularly important that the content could be accessed across all platforms and end devices. Since only paying users can access Playboy Premium content, the publisher needed a reliable CMS and video solution that could be easily connected to payment systems. The 3Q nexx platform meets all these requirements in a DSGVO-compliant manner and also offers many other useful features.

Get there faster – with 3Q's Feature Set

The Playboy team can now import all videos into their own portals either manually or completely automatically. The fully automatic import solutions required for this can be easily created in nexxOMNIA and also configured later. This makes it possible, for example, to adjust the metadata to events on a daily basis or even to use new trending terms – long after the video was originally uploaded.

nexxOMNIA now supports Playboy in building up its own media library according to keywords, criteria and playlists, and also in helping users to reach content more quickly through search functions. Of course, detailed views can also be created for individual content. This creates a targeted and, above all, user-friendly interface that improves the user experience many times over. Playboy thus achieves the quality that users are accustomed to.

Our nexxPLAY player also ensures that the videos can then be accessed on all devices without any problems. The content can therefore be played on smartphones, tablets, PCs, Macs, or even smart TVs. Playboy can also minimize barriers on all devices by displaying subtitles, for example. In this way, all users are reached equally.

More time for production

Playboy joins other media brands such as SWR and funk in using 3Q’s cloud-based SaaS solutions. The automated work processes benefit the team, but Playboy Premium subscribers can also enjoy a smooth streaming experience. Less time spent maintaining a good content management system means more time for the content itself, and ultimately more quality content for users.

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