SERIENCAMP uses 3Q for VoD

SERIENCAMP annually presents the pilot episodes of various international series in cooperation with major licensors such as Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video. The previous spatial restriction to the HFF Munich was already broken with the digital structure last year. As a partner for the digital event, which this year runs alongside on-site screenings, SERIENCAMP UG already chose 3Q in 2020. This year, the lessons learned from handling more than 30,000 spectators were used to realize an even more successful digital event.

Technology is key

When planning this year’s SERIENCAMP WATCHROOMs,, the streaming platform for accessing numerous premieres, it was clear from the start that at least as many viewers:inside as in 2020 had to be expected. With 3Q, a solution is provided that can cope with large viewer numbers. Likewise, SERIENCAMP was able to gather a lot of experience from the first digital implementation last year for this year’s implementation and successfully build on it.

As a result, the licensing of the content, which was still complex in 2020, could be implemented much more efficiently this year. The steep learning curve brought about by the event’s shift to digital allowed SERIENCAMP to focus even more on the actual content. For example, the number of series in the WATCHROOM was somewhat minimized, but more precisely adapted to the interests of the viewers. 3Q nexx for Publishers, the complete solution for streaming publishers, was further developed with a focus on flexibility and based on the experience with SERIENCAMP. This year, SERIENCAMP management has an even better overview of the content and the associated analytics.

Together faster to your goal

Not only in the planning phase was 3Q in constant exchange with SERIENCAMP. Regular meetings and feedback sessions were also held during the event. In consultation with SERIENCAMP, 3Q continues to make small adjustments during the event. Exact visitor numbers and views will be announced after the event – but one thing is already certain: both sides are once again very satisfied with the cooperation and are looking forward to making SERIENCAMP’s WATCHROOM accessible to a broad audience again this year.

Until November 28, series enthusiasts can still visit the WATCHROOM and watch pilot episodes of brand new series from the various genres. 

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