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With this tool you can calculate your monthly storage and data transfer needs.

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24999 p. M.

Livestreaming and Video-On-Demand

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Calculated volume

Live content

Data transfer 1.000 GB
Transcoding 1.000 Minutes (per Month)

Video on-demand

Data transfer 1.000 GB

Storage 1.000 GB
Zuwachs Storage (mthly.) 1.000 GB

Encoding (Initial) 1.000 Minutes
Encoding (per month) 1.000 Minuten
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
How is the memory calculated?
You choose the highest quality level you want to provide. We then add the required storage space for each quality level.
Example: Provide a 1080p video. We then store it in 1080p, 720p, 480p, 360p, and 240p quality levels; you decide which quality levels you want to use.