Yoga Easy conquers the online yoga market together with 3Q

Yoga Easy conquers the online yoga market together with 3Q

YogaEasy and 3Q join forces to conquer the online yoga market

Yoga has enjoyed great popularity in Germany not just since Corona. But especially since March 2020, online offerings have proliferated rapidly – many of them are free, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Our client YogaEasy entered the highly competitive market as the first internet yoga studio back in January 2020 and shows how a successful online concept can make money.

YogaEasy in a nutshell...

No matter where, no matter when – over 500,000 users in Germany practice yoga with YogaEasy every day. This makes YogaEasy the largest and also the first online yoga studio in Germany. YogaEasy customers have access to over 1000 videos featuring Germany’s best-known yoga teachers. YogaEasy offers short and long videos for beginners and advanced students and is constantly being expanded through new professional content every year.  The videos are permanently available on and can be viewed conveniently on the go with the YogaEasy app, even without mobile data or access to wifi.
The business model is based on subscriptions – a monthly subscription costs € 16, but those who want can book an annual subscription with a direct discount.

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Yoga Easy: Technology as a success factor

YogaEasy's expectations towards 3Q

Initially, YogaEasy worked with an American provider, which is why DSGVO compliance was at the top of the list of criteria for cooperation when choosing a new partner. It was also important to YogaEasy that the video technology be highly reliable. Customers should be able to access the paid content reliably and, above all, on all devices. The new technology partner should also be able to guarantee fast customer service in German.

We are excited about 3Q and the possibilities of the platform. The many functions are intuitive to use. New features are developed quickly, the support is great and 3Q really makes a difference in terms of price.

Dr. Henrike Fröchling (CEO

3Q Solution

YogaEasy subscribers can access the videos via 3Q’s video player, regardless of the device. For this purpose, 3Q has developed its own video engine based on HTML5 and CSS, which allows the video content to be played optimally on smartphones, tablets, desktop PCs, via Chromecast or Fire TV. The player is responsive and supports both Cast and Airplay. With this player, YogaEasy has control over its own content. The big advantage over hosting with YouTube, Vimeo or similar platforms: As a company, at no point do you lose control over the – potentially problematic – context in which the videos appear. In addition, the major video platforms can block accounts at any time and without warning. An own player also offers the possibility to design it according to the own corporate design. But probably the biggest advantage of having your own player over providers like YouTube or Vimeo is that it ensures compliance with the GDPR.

Collaboration results

Since the partnership between YogaEasy and 3Q began, there has been a 46% increase in video views, as well as a 128% increase in view time. At the same time, support requests have dropped by 80%.
With 3Q’s technology, YogaEasy can offer its videos in very good quality and with extremely reliable technology. Last but not least, of course, a high-quality video engine room is not the only factor behind the success just mentioned,

Accessibility as complementary key component

Nothing is worse than buffering while watching. Ideally the viewer(s) should not have any problems, especially while watching. Accordingly, you need to make sure that the player can be used without any problems. You can do this by simply using the CDN and third-party players (Twitch, YouTube, etc.) or by using a program language that can be interpreted as far as possible. Here, for example, HTML5 has established itself as a universally applicable solution for 3Q.

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