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Audio creation
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Recognition of scenes
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Video Content Management

Save time by converting speech to subtitles with one click
Upload your content to our platform via browser or API, or connect your content management system to automate your workflows. We support you with intuitive and creative editing features for creating and editing metadata, subtitles, chapters, and more...

With speech-to-text
Easy and intuitive with a single API and GUI
Support for all common codecs and formats
Can you automatically translate your video transcription and subtitles into over 30 languages

Easier communication through translation

Improve your video engagement and global reach
We support the optimized distribution of your video content with the necessary data to create statistical analyses and measure the user behavior of your viewers.
Does your speaker speak German and your audience speak French?
No problem
Make your video content available in multiple languages — with little effort
Make sure everyone, regardless of language or hearing ability, can fully grasp your content.

Leave your Texts to word come

With the Text-to-Speech AI solution, your texts are voiced in no time at all.
Turn your written texts into audio with ease.
Save valuable time by quickly dubbing larger volumes of written content
Generate added value for your target group
Create accessibility with audio content
Publishers benefit from text-to-speech AI to quickly convert large amounts of text as podcast content to make available.

Do yours Video content better discoverable

Automated tagging of videos using AI functions enables efficient categorization and improves the findability of your content.
Automation when creating and updating metadata
Improving data quality
Relevant keywords for better findability on the Internet and internally

Intelligent Video analysis

Video content analysis focuses on evaluating the actual content of a video and offers many areas of application such as automated object recognition, face recognition or scene recognition. AI-supported video analysis is constantly learning and enables ever more accurate results.

Use intelligent video analytics to focus your video strategy on what appeals best to your target audience.

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