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Web/HTML5, Android & iOS SDK
Adaptive Streaming with HLS & DASH
Customizable through CSS and APIs
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Unique and fast Video Engine

We have developed our outstanding video engine based to make your content shine on any device. Whether on smartphones, tablets, desktop PCs, Chromecast or FireTV - we make your content stand out!
Video Advertising
Multi Audio Tracks
Low Latency Streaming
Video Bumper (Intro/Outro)
Chromecast/Airplay Support

Customise your own player

Our video player is individually configurable according to your wishes and requirements, and can therefore be tailored to the appearance of your brand. You define branding, player skins and configure your settings for a lasting experience for your audience around your brand.
Fully customizable to meet your needs.

Communicate with your audience

Turn your live broadcast into an interactive playground and integrate an (un)moderated chat or live polls.

Simply place “call-to-actions” via our library or API, and equip our player with a login window, a check-out, or a registration.

Generate income with video advertising

With video advertising, you connect VAST and vPAID-enabled ad servers or Google DFP (Google Ads) to the player. Ads can be requested and played back at defined times and according to the waterfall principle.

Stream content directly into the living room

Our smart engine automatically recognizes cast-enabled devices in your home network and can, for example, directly address compatible TVs and other end devices via interfaces.

Play your videos directly in your home in 4K (UHD) at the touch of a button.

Most frequently asked questions

How can I integrate the player on my website?

You can embed our player into any website or portal using JavaScript, IFRAME and oEmbed.

Which media can the player play?

The player can play video and audio files as well as podcasts as a live stream or on-demand. These can be organized individually or in a playlist, for example.

Which devices are supported?

All current and older Internet browsers and devices are supported.

Does the player use cookies?

The player does not use cookies. However, if you use ad integration (advertising), you must connect your consent framework/software (TCF v2.2 standard) to our player.

Do I have to place a privacy banner in front of the player?

No You conclude an order processing contract (AVV) with us. It is sufficient if you identify us in your privacy policy. You can find more information at: Privacy and policies.

Can I include advertising in the player?

Yes, you can. With the video advertising module, pre-, mid- and post-roll ads are placed in live streams and videos. To do this, you need ADTags or VAST URLs from VAST and vPAID-enabled ad servers. You'll get this from your marketer.

Are there statistics on player usage?

3Q provides comprehensive video analytics to monitor and optimize video performance and audience engagement. We'll provide you with statistics on player impressions, playback starts, average viewing time, and many other KPIs.

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