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Online Video Platform for
Video Hosting & Publishing

• Video Content Management
• Live Streaming, Video on Demand & OTT
• Streaming CDN
• Video Player
• Scalable Cloud Solutions

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A Platform for the Highest Demands

Our Online Videoplatform provides you with the necessary solutions for publishing any kind of video content, whether you are expecting ten, 10,000 or even more viewers.

Time for a Reliable Solution

A platform for Live, On-Demand & OTT
Secure and GDPR-compliant solution
Encodes your content into all formats
Developer-friendly REST API
Qualified support and training

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Features that convince

Video Player

Put your content on any device with our own engine.

Streaming CDN

We operate our own backbone network in various data centres around the globe.

3rd-Party Publishing

Push your content to social media channels or third party providers.


Use your adserver or deliver your content behind a paywall.

Universal DRM

With our Universal DRM, licensing is child’s play.

AMP Video

Integrate your content in Google’s AMP without any problems.


Combine and extend your livestreams with additional content.


Combine video and audio files into playlists.

Cloud Recording

Record your livestreams and publish them.

Just register, choose a package and get started.

59 €

Beginners and Developers


249 €

Online Video Platform for Pros


2.500 €

Sophisticated and high-reach video applications

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