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Reach a significantly larger target group with hybrid event formats and involve speakers and guests from all over the world without logistical challenges.

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Sports events

Use livestreams for your sports events. Let your audience be there live, even when they're sitting at home! During championships, competitions or trainings.

Live to video on demand

Let customers take part in your trade fair, exhibition or trade event virtually — show what you are presenting on site via livestream. You can then make a recording of your event available on-demand on your digital channels.

Courses & Content

As a sports provider, host your video courses on a secure platform and offer exclusive video profiles and interviews as video-on-demand.


Monetize your video content by placing ads, generating revenue by selling tickets for your livestreams, or including transaction links in your videos that lead to the product in your shop

Over 1,000 leading brands and organizations use our streaming platform

Reach your audience with streaming events

As a professional streaming provider, we help you easily broadcast your events via livestream.
In just a few steps, you can put your own livestream online and distribute it via your streaming channels.
Embedding using iframe code or JavaScript
Protection of content through token protection, domain protection and much more
Restreaming to other platforms such as YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.
Benefit from involving our partners for digital event and guest management

Deploy videos on-demand

Present training videos, recorded webinars, product launches, and marketing videos to the company with ease. Our easy-to-use system allows you to deliver these valuable resources directly to your intranet or website.
Easy Embedding
Player Branding
Highest level of safety
Integration into your systems
Role-based access rights
Accessibility through automated
Subtitling and translation features with AI

Reach your audience everywhere

Stream in the highest quality using state-of-the-art CDN technology. Our reliable premium network backed by an Enterprise CDN guarantees a seamless streaming experience for your audience.
Reducing the load on the corporate network when there is a higher number of viewers
Scaling audience numbers without using additional hardware
Combining global CDN and enterprise CDN
Intelligent load distribution within the network
Corporate Communications
Sales & Marketing
IT (Information Technology)

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