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Network security and congestion, compliance guidelines, GDPR compliance are topics in your company? With our robust encryption and security features, you can always be sure that our video platform with its own infrastructure in Europe will meet your business requirements at all times.

We have the safest solution for you

We are constantly developing and updating our platform to meet current legal and regulatory requirements. We guarantee the safest environment for your live and on-demand video-streaming.

An all-in-one platform that frees IT staff from time-consuming implementation

A user-friendly interface that allows even non-technical employees to stream without IT support

A comprehensive API for easy integration

Premium security and access management features for your entire organization

German-language premium customer service

Monetize your video content by placing ads, generating revenue by selling tickets for your live-streams, or including transaction links in your videos that lead to the product in your shop

Over 1,000 leading brands and organizations use our streaming platform

Play in the top streaming league

As a professional streaming provider, we help you easily broadcast your events via live-stream.
In just a few steps, you can put your own live-stream online and distribute it via your streaming channels.

Benefit from the integration of our partners for digital event management and video production.
Embedding using iframe code or JavaScript
Protection of content through token protection, domain protection and much more
Restreaming to other platforms such as YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.
Benefit from involving our partners for digital event and guest management

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Stellen Sie einfach und intuitiv Ihre Videoaufzeichnungen Ihren Zuschauern zur Verfügung. Ob Spieler-Porträts, Spiel-Highlights oder Sportkurse -unser benutzerfreundliches System ermöglicht es Ihnen, diese wertvollen Inhalte direkt in Ihrem Intranet oder auf Ihrer Website bereitzustellen.
Easy Embedding
Player Branding
Highest level of safety
Integration into your systems
Role-based Access Rights
Accessibility through automated
Subtitling and translation features with AI

Reach your audience everywhere

Stream in the highest quality using state-of-the-art CDN technology. Our reliable premium network backed by an Enterprise CDN guarantees a seamless streaming experience for your audience.
Reducing the load on the corporate network when there is a higher number of viewers
Scaling audience numbers without using additional hardware
Combining global CDN and enterprise CDN
Intelligent load distribution within the network
Corporate Communications
Sales & Marketing
Event Management
IT (Information Technology)

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