Create professional live webinars with our virtual studio

Stream securely and reliably. The ideal solution for live events, conferences, townhalls and much more.

Creating, running, and managing your webinars has never been more intuitive and easy. You don't need technical knowledge or support from an IT team. With the browser-based application It is not necessary to install client applications on PC systems.

Take advantage of all the benefits of a individual webinar solution

Better Communication through interaction

Our options for a flexible single sign-on (SSO) connection allow secure and controlled access via identity provider (IDP) login.

With the feature Real time video connections The studio solution enables the targeted integration of live speeches from the online audience — with images and sound. Participants can ask their questions directly in the live stream and be connected spontaneously via video.

The outstanding thing about this is the seamless transition between broadcast and web conferencing without viewers even noticing.

How does real-time video connection work?

As usual, your event will be streamed to any number of viewers. Participants watch the stream and have the opportunity to ask questions — both in writing or live with video transmission.

As soon as a subscription request is received in the question area of your personalized streaming landing page, a streaming operator becomes active. This takes the person behind the scenes of the virtual studio, carries out a brief technical review and then brings the questioner live to the webinar.

Why use real-time video connections?

Real-time video connections offer advantages for both online participants and event organizers. Viewers have the opportunity to ask questions in person, receive immediate answers and ask further questions as needed.

This gives the entire interaction more liveliness and gives the event dynamism and variety.