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In today's digital world, video content has become an essential part of marketing strategies and online presence. From commercial companies to public institutions to agencies and freelancers, many people use video hosting platforms to present their content.

An investigation by Wyzowl has resulted in:

  • 86% of companies use video for marketing today (an increase of 41% in just 5 years)
  • 83% say videos have increased visitors' average time spent on their site
  • 84% say videos help them generate leads
  • 78% say that videos have directly contributed to increasing their revenue
  • 86% say that videos have increased the number of visitors (traffic) to their website

The benefits of using video for companies and the return on investment (ROI) that results from this are obvious.

However, many companies still use free public platforms such as YouTube. While these certainly appeal to a broad user base, paid business video hosting platforms offer specific benefits that help companies and organizations achieve their communication goals.

In this post, we'll take a closer look at the differences between free video hosting platforms and paid business video hosting platforms and highlight the benefits of the latter.

Ad-free experience

Paid business video hosting platforms allow companies to play their videos without annoying ads. In contrast, free platforms are often riddled with advertising, which can distract viewers' focus and impair brand presentation. With a paid service, companies can ensure that their content is presented in an ad-free environment, resulting in a more professional and targeted impact.

Branding and customization options

Paid business video hosting platforms offer advanced branding options to ensure a consistent look and seamless integration with the corporate brand. Companies can use their own logos, colors, and custom player styles to present their videos in a professional context. This helps to strengthen brand identity and create a consistent brand experience for viewers.

Security and access control

While free video hosting platforms often offer basic security features, paid business video hosting platforms go a step further. They allow companies to control access to their videos and set various levels of security. With features such as password protection, IP restrictions, and domain restrictions, companies can ensure that their sensitive content is only accessible to authorized viewers.

Analytics and data

Paid business video hosting platforms offer comprehensive analytics tools that provide companies with insights into viewer behavior, engagement rates, and other key metrics. This data is critical for measuring the success of video content, better understanding target groups, and optimizing future strategies. In comparison, free platforms often only offer limited or superficial analysis options.

Customer support and personalized service

With paid business video hosting platforms, companies get dedicated customer support that is available for technical questions and issues. These platforms often offer personal support and assistance in adapting and integrating the service into existing systems. Through individual service, companies can ensure a seamless video hosting experience and rely on professional support when needed.

Video encoding and transcoding

Both encoding and transcoding are crucial processes in video streaming. Videos hosted on a platform must be compatible with a range of players, browsers, operating systems, and devices. The integrated transcoding of video hosting platforms does this automatically. Once you've uploaded a video, the process of video transcoding begins, which involves converting the file to various formats. With good professional video hosting solutions, this process is automatic and saves you a lot of time and nerves.

HTML5 player

An integrated player is not a necessary requirement for a good hosting provider. However, a customizable player with high video format compatibility is a big plus. While the HTML5 player isn't the only option on the market, it's certainly a favorite among providers. It's compatible with virtually every device, from smartphones to smart TVs. It's also easy to customize and match your company's branding. After all, embedding an HTML5 player is a simple and straightforward process and therefore probably the best choice.

DRM support

Digital Rights Management (DRM) is a technology that protects copyrighted content from illegal distribution and alteration. It is an important tool for protecting your intellectual property. In short, this process involves encrypting content. When a device tries to access this content, the player forwards that information to a license server. When the device is authorized to play the video, the server sends a decryption code and allows access. DRM is an essential tool for all corporate video hosting platforms.

Other important factors

  • The ability to live stream on a large scale across multiple channels
  • The option to monetize video content
  • Increasing engagement with recommendation platforms that only recommend follow-up videos from their own library

Business video hosting platforms offer their solutions for businesses of all sizes. Companies that use them ensure that their own websites and servers aren't overloaded with video content and that their videos are secure and easily accessible to viewers.

To ensure this, these video hosting platforms work with the latest technology standards and are constantly offering new features and useful tools.

conclusion: While free video hosting platforms like YouTube undoubtedly have their benefits, paid business video hosting platforms offer additional features and benefits that are specifically tailored to the needs of businesses. The ad-free environment, comprehensive branding options, improved security, detailed analytics, and dedicated customer support are just a few of the reasons why companies should invest in paid business video hosting platforms. By using these platforms, companies can professionally present their videos, strengthen brand identity and drive their business success in the digital age.

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